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Wooden door selection factor

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

    Wooden door industry development in recent years is very fast, with wooden doors as an example, in the past ten years, at least the birth of hundreds of wooden door enterprise. A large number of enterprises for the industry is relatively benign, but there are still many small businesses not quality, shoddy, so that the majority of consumers suffer. Below for everyone to parse the wood door selection elements.          

    The cost of wooden doors in the proportion of total investment in decoration is generally 5% to 6%. As a result of materials, paint, labor, processing, corporate profits and other factors affecting prices, so the price of wooden doors on the market is also great disparity, ranging from 800 yuan / set to 3000 yuan / sets. As the wood door processing technology content is not very high, competition often can only from material, artificial, paint on time, there must be the quality of the good and bad. So, after you know the regular prices on the market, try not to buy Super low-priced products.          

    So, how to choose the right wood door? First, pay attention to the door materials should be consistent with the overall decoration of the materials. It is understood that most of the wooden doors on the market are pine or imported filling materials for the core of the door, the external application of MDF and solid wood veneer, after high temperature hot pressing made, known as the "solid wood composite door."". In the eyes of consumers, the so-called "whole solid wood door", due to price reasons, generally used only for less varieties and parts, such as wood, edge and other parts.         

     Choose a look that is artificial wood veneer, and other paint; two see that look at the content of toxic substances; three see material is wood material; four work to see, whether the size of the rules, and. If your room decoration is Chinese traditional style, can choose a wooden or affordable flat doors and plywood mosaic door. The surface of the door is smooth, the bottom is shallow, and the flowers are deep and decorated. Some families choose to do the decoration team by the door frame and the door door, the upper half of the Chinese style, carved outsourcing to producers. But that's a problem for the spray paint. Because a door is made by two, it's a problem whether the painting is uniform. But if the door is outsourced to Chinese producers, the cost is more expensive.                

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