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Winning by quality is an important......

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

    With the continuous development of city China process, which will bring unlimited business opportunities to Chinese wood industry, will also bring huge impetus to the development of wooden door enterprises, so wood industry will have a more broad development space.          

    The future Chinese traditional wood industry through the adjustment of industrial structure, improve product quality, increase the quality of varieties at the same time, will show a steady growth trend. Tailai wood industry official said: at home and abroad have strict quality supervision of wooden door products only environmental protection, health, and no adverse effects on the human body and the environment to adapt to the demand of products, structural changes and meet the requirements of sustainable development of the wooden doors, will become the mainstream and direction of development, the doors will be the emergence of a large number of new accord with environmental protection, health, ecological "green" new products.          

    At present, Chinese wood door production enterprises are mainly distributed in six regions, one is in Guangdong and Fujian as the center of the Pearl River Delta region, the region started earlier, the main reason in addition to the level of consumption pull, but also because of the wooden door is now using the imported timber related. Two is Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta region, the number of enterprises in the region and the scale of growth is very fast. Three is Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Shandong as the center of the Beijing Tianjin region, has a considerable market advantage. Four, the northeast area, with Shenyang and Dalian as its center, has a better industrial base and timber resources superiority. In addition, Chongqing, Yunnan, Chengdu as the center of the southwest region and Shanxi, Shaanxi as the center of the northwest region of the wooden door enterprises are concentrated in the rapid development.          

    With the modernization of circulation, packaging and packaging technology change rapidly, making the wood door remote batch transportation become possible, and can effectively reduce the cost of circulation and improve the quality, so that the focus has become the trend of development promotion and regional scale of production of wooden doors, wooden door and circulation enterprises will also be accompanied by the development of wooden doors and market circulation specification for bigger and stronger. With the wooden door production level in high-grade development and emphasize the decorative effect to the specification, while the concept of environmental protection and renewable resources of wood is a good time to know began to spread, production and circulation in the wooden door China started to enter the stage of the development of strong, Chinese wooden industry will be rapid development in health, development prospect of wood door in Chinese will be very broad.          

    Wooden door will win quality in the future          

    In the future, the mainstream consumer groups of building materials will be 80, 90 and these young groups. Relevant personage analysis, today's young people like to pursue new things, pay attention to product differentiation, work rhythm is faster, pay attention to work efficiency. Who grabbed this part of the crowd, who will become the dominant market leader in the future. Wooden door industry has made wooden door from consumer oneself, develop to buy wooden door on the market at present, the door that still can buy a door to change in the future.          

    With the country's efforts to build a conservation minded society, environmental protection has become a fashion. This requires enterprises to attach great importance to environmental protection in product design, and many domestic wooden door processing plants say that they attach great importance to environmental protection, but the specific use of raw materials, but with some non environmental protection and small manufacturers of products.          

    Wood industry environmental protection standard wood products formaldehyde emissions must reach E1 level, but many factories that use man-made board level E2 can achieve the release amount reached E1 standard set of doors formaldehyde, so do not have artificial board of E1 or better. Quality is an eternal topic of consumer demand, who will control the quality of products, who can grasp the mainstream of the consumer market in the future. Therefore, in product manufacturing, we must focus on product quality, excellence, opposition to shoddy, and advocated good materials to produce good products.          

    In short, in the wood products homogenization today, wooden door manufacturers according to consumer demand, and constantly develop differentiated products. In the use of wood-based panels, the product should be targeted to environmental protection, fashion, quality, and constantly develop business alienation products, thereby leading the future mainstream consumer market.

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