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How to distinguish between solid wood door......

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

    With the "decoration of solid wood wind" prevalence, solid wood doors have now become a family decoration rare "hot pet."". However, the "solid wood doors and non wood" industry "unspoken rule" has become the building materials in the field of open trade secret, it is understood that the domestic wood industry for nearly ten years, most of the customized non-standard production marketing methods, most production of wooden doors are not tailored to standard industry standard. The shoddy, there are many genuine industry criticism, many owners want to buy a genuine goods at a fair price as the wood door difficult.          

    Confuse the public: solid wood composite door = solid wood door?          

    "When we went to buy (business), which is used after the discovery of solid wood doors, solid wood doors, the original is" reflect consumers, many businesses will give as solid wood doors, solid wood composite door title, hoodwinked consumers misleading their blind consumption. "Now most of the solid wood doors on the market are pine or imported filling materials for the door core skeleton, and the application of MDF and solid wood veneer, it is solid wood composite doors." Businesses in the introduction of products, and more solid wood composite door called solid wood door, misleading consumers understanding of the concept of solid wood door.          

    What is solid wood door?          

    The wood door refers to the production of wooden doors material is taken from the forest natural wood or solid wood materials (also known as wood finger joint wood or wood gear material), after drying, cutting, planing, drilling, milling tenon, shape, assembly, polishing, painting and other processes of science and processing. In the purchase of products, consumers must see the product manual on the introduction of material, is solid wood or solid wood composite door, to ask questions, must not be vague conceptualization.          

    Material: MDF door = cheat multi-layer wood door?          

    Is difficult to see the door in the material, many unscrupulous merchants will cheat in door material. The density board door is solid wood crushing after a high temperature and high pressure molding, the nail holding ability is poor, prone to loose screws, wood screw will appear back and forth. For a long time, there will be individual leaves sinking, scraping the ground, and some doors need to lift up to close. At the same time, the density board waterproof moisture-proof effect is not good, the water is just like sponge water absorption, easy expansion". Compared with the solid wood board, the density and the price are cheaper. With the density of real wood door board acts as the material has become a hot business cheat "".          

    Use a large number of branches for bad business, laminates, MDF and particleboard and other low-grade shoddy phenomenon, clarify whether the intrinsic material worthy of the name, consumers in the purchase of products to see the seller, look for the brand. In addition, after the purchase should also save the material index and commitment at the time of purchase vouchers and sales staff recommend products issued by the day after, problems so that can maximize the payment.

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