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What kind of doors do you have?

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

     Many kinds of market door, door materials used are also diverse, generally speaking, up to the door from the material mainly has the following varieties: wood, plastic door, plastic steel door, Aluminum Alloy door, stainless steel door, steel doors, glass doors, Aluminum Alloy glass doors, glass doors, reinforced concrete Tumen etc..          

     The average family is generally made of solid wood doors or all kinds of wooden structure and steel, steel, glass and other materials, in which the door is generally composed of steel structure material, the other is mostly a variety of wood materials, here mainly introduce anti-theft doors and wooden door types and features.          

    First, the types of anti-theft door          

    At present, many types of anti-theft door on the market, according to the Ministry of public security promulgated standard GB25-92 "anti-theft security door general technical conditions", anti-theft door can be divided into fence type anti-theft door, solid door and composite door 3.          

    The fence type security door is a kind of security door which is usually welded by steel tube. Its biggest advantage is that it is airy, light and beautiful, and the price is relatively low. The upper half of the anti-theft door is provided with a fence type steel tube or a steel disc, and the lower half is a cold-rolled steel plate, and the lock is locked by multiple locking points, thereby ensuring the prying resistance ability of the anti-theft door. But the anti-theft effect is better than the closed anti-theft door.          

     The door is made of cold rolled steel sheets, all of which are steel plates. The thickness of the steel plate is 12 mm and 15 mm, and the impact resistance is strong. The double leaf steel plate is filled with rock wool insulation fireproof material, and has the functions of theft prevention, fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation and the like. The general entity anti-theft door is equipped with cat's eye, doorbell and other facilities.          

    Composite type anti-theft door by the entity door and fence type anti-theft door combination, has the characteristics of anti-theft and anti mosquito flies in summer, warm in winter and the sound insulation ventilating and cooling.          

    Two, the classification of wooden doors          

     In the application of doors, wooden doors of the classification and application of the most extensive, the following classification of wooden doors will be a simple introduction.          

    Original wooden door: originally, it was wooden door; it was the highest realm and highest realm in wooden door products. No matter how to do everything, saying how beautiful is really like, with "pseudo" prefix, of course, including boutique lot, many customers to see more and more confused. The price is more than 3000.          

    Solid wood composite door: the variety, characteristics of packaging, including paper grain veneer, veneer veneer, wood veneer or synthetic material; filling...... are not the same, the main frame materials are not the same, so the price is different, the price is also tricky, the difference is very large, from 600-2300 yuan. It brings a lot of difficulties to the identification of customers.          

    High grade solid wood composite door: door core is mostly laminated, solid core. The surface is made of solid wood veneer, and the painting process is advanced and the grade is high. Features: feel smooth, soft color features, more environmentally friendly, anti deformation, durable. The market is also known as solid wood craft door, the price is about 1200-2300 yuan.          

    Low grade solid wood composite door: door core solid wood frame, the two sides are affixed with a density board, surface treatment in two ways,          

    Spray paint: stick a density board on each side, then put wood paper on the density board, spray paint or spray directly on the density board, and the filling in the middle is multifarious.           Paint free: stick wood paper or PVC on pine board or pine wood, and put a density board on each side, then paint outside the density board, and the filling in the middle is multifarious.          

    Low grade solid wood composite door price of 600-900 yuan, the disadvantage is easier to damage, and afraid of water, due to the use of MDF, environmental protection is also not guaranteed.          

    Molded door: molded wooden door is made of two pieces of high density fiber molded and simulated wood. The door plate is pressed by machine. As the door is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than the solid wood door, and can not wet water.          

    Surface treatment: sub spray paint and PVC molding door          

    Advantages: good resistance to deformation, price economy. Disadvantages: density board suppression, environmental protection is not good, hollow sound insulation effect is not good.          

    Steel doors: extends from the interior door anti-theft door anti-theft door, its technology and the like, but the main frame made of wood, the middle honeycomb filling synthesis. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection, easy cleaning and low price, and has the disadvantages of poor texture, little molding and inconvenient maintenance. The price is between 600-750.          

    Wood door: wood door is PVC wood powder and some additives by plastic extrusion molding door, it is the organic combination of plastic and wood. The price is between 900-1400.          

    Advantages: zero formaldehyde, environmental protection, water resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to insects, mildew, antibacterial, sound insulation, heat preservation, flame retardant.           Disadvantages: style and styling are relatively few.           Three, other species           The 1. is based on hard PVC plastic steel door (PVC) sections, according to the requirements of the design, material in the cavity is lined with galvanized lengzha steel more than a millimeter, cutting, welding, assembly. The performance of steel doors with Aluminum Alloy doors, steel doors, wooden doors can not be replaced, and they are compared to steel door has the following advantages: fireproof, heat insulation, no deformation, no color, not brittle, service life can reach 30 years.           In addition, a few years ago a lot of decoration in the bathroom and kitchen are used to compare the Aluminum Alloy door, Aluminum Alloy door with steel doors for high strength, strong durability, wide selection of colors, but the thermal conductivity is high, the cost is high plastic steel doors and windows.           2. glass doors in the family used as partition doors, both play a role in isolation, but also pervious to light, visual more transparent. There are many different kinds

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