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How to distinguish paint free door and paint door?

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

   Decoration is no small matter, no matter what side can not be ignored, there is no best, only better. In the choice of the door, we always have "paint free door and paint door difference", the following for everyone from the two doors of the advantages and disadvantages to analyze, I hope we can see after harvest!                 

      Paint free door, as the name suggests, is no need to paint the wooden door. At present, the vast majority of paint free doors on the market refer to PVC facing doors. It is a solid wood composite door or molded door, the outermost use of PVC veneer vacuum suction molding process. The door is the same, PVC veneer processing. Another is that the factory has been processing the finished wood door, also known as "paint free door", and whether environmental protection is mainly to see the base material, glue and other materials of good or bad.               

        Advantages and disadvantages of paint free door:                 

      Advantages: more than 1. kinds of color changes, more modern sense and personality, and green environmental protection requirements. 2., the product surface smooth and bright, paint free, can avoid your use of other decorative materials, paint on the air after the toxic gas harmful to the human body of the terrible consequences. 3. forming a short construction period, namely acceptance can enjoy, ahead of time. 4., the use of foreign advanced manufacturing processes, the use of high-quality imported raw materials developed paint free decorative materials, with resistance to collision, not spontaneous combustion, moth eaten, moisture-proof, corrosion protection, good maintenance. Non-toxic. Tasteless. No pollution, etc.. 5., construction is convenient, can cut, can see, can be created, can be nailed. 6., according to your identity, environment, personality, grade to change a variety of different shapes, is home decoration. Interior decoration of the ideal material.                      

    The disadvantage of paint free door:                      

    The poor quality of the paint free door for a long time, easy to expose the shortcomings is easily affected by factors of humidity, temperature and air, the surface to produce plastic deformation.                      

    Paint doors, that is, outside the doors of the dust-free paint process, not affixed to, is painted behind the drying room heating drying process paint door. The utility model has the advantages of bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy cleaning, moisture resistance and good fire prevention performance. Paint door multi-purpose density board as the base material, the back of melamine, complex process, long processing cycle, the price is relatively high. High grade PU paint door type on the piano baking paint and metal (car) paint two, metal paint better than the piano paint.                       Advantages of paint doors:          

    1, there is no edge, is divided into single paint, double paint. Waterproof edge paint, surface gloss. 2, the overall effect is good, not stagnant oil. Generally divided into bright, sub light, pearl. The most visual impact. 3, high grade, not easy to change, can do bathroom cabinet, easy to clean, improve room brightness. 4, spray paint: for polyester paint, through the spray process made of door panels, without baking surface, made after Matt effect. Paint generally can be modulated out of more than 30 colors, the best paint process for Italy.                     

     Paint door defects:                      

    Requires a high level of technology, high rejection rate, high prices; used also in intensive care, afraid bump and scratches, but the damage is hard to repair, to replace the whole color; prone to smoke more in the kitchen. Relatively suitable for the appearance and quality requirements are relatively high, the pursuit of fashion young, high-end consumers. Pay attention when cleaning, do not use steel wire ball scrub, so as not to leave scratches, and scratches are too heavy, can not be repaired, with the impact of gravity, there will be powder like material fall off

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