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What is ecological door?

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

    Eco door is an inevitable phase category of building materials industry, as people increasingly high demands on the quality of environmental protection, the major manufacturers have to find the door from the difference in ecology of this magic, let us from different perspectives to interpret what is ecological door.          

    Origin of ecological door          

    In 2006, Chinese doors and windows industry and the name "ecological" more and more people mentioned. It is said that the concept of "eco gate" was first introduced in China, and it is a famous enterprise producing hardware in Guangdong. Just 5 years, the ecological door is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain throughout the country, everywhere traces of ecological door production enterprises; wood production enterprises, Aluminum Alloy door production enterprises, and even some hardware manufacturers, aluminum production enterprises are involved, from the "ecological door" this market cake.          

    What is the eco gate that we are talking about now?          

    Ecological door is really difficult to define, there are a lot of doors are called ecological door, ecological justice for environmental protection door door door, now more and more technology, materials are becoming more and more complex, so now the door is closer to the basic ecological environmental protection than the general door, the door is also than the process general use less polluting materials, is a kind of ecological door is reflected in the manual assembly above, so it is less a glue connection, so it can better play a role in environmental protection.  

    The price of eco gates? But relatively high cost brand!      

    First I think the law of the market is a price of a goods, you always have your truth, but we as consumers, should be more emphasis on product price. For example, the forest ecological door, the use of magnesium titanium alloy, as well as ecological doors of the plate, are with the market for those high priced products used materials, can be said to be the perfect approach! The quality above is absolutely guaranteed! Price ratio, you just do comparison, I believe you will choose it! Because Jane Eyre's pursuit is to make cost-effective door! Of course, there are some prices on the market and we almost the product, but they still use the steel door wood materials, imported polymers. The effect is also good, so strictly speaking, they are not eco gates! The quality is not so stable! Therefore, we can not distinguish the price from a single, we should learn more about similar knowledge, it will not be sold by some of the dealers terminology!     

    Ranking of ten major brands of ecological door?         

    "Eco door" is a concept derived from the "ecological Home Furnishing" in the. The ecological Home Furnishing originated from Europe some focus on ecological protection in developed countries, it is a comprehensive concept of environment, including a variety of factors: sound, light, water, geology, greening rate, the resilience of the natural environment; ventilation, ventilation, sunshine, lighting, air cleaning degree, temperature, relative humidity, building and decorative materials and construction technology of indoor space environment. According to ecological indicators, the room temperature should be between 17 and 27 degrees, and the relative humidity should be between 40% and 70%. Ecological home is the key to environmental protection and health, it is higher than the "green home" standards, not only on the hardware requirements, as well as the needs of the humanities, pay attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

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