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Paint door daily maintenance tips

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

    Any thing in use process must have certain maintenance, also include paint door. Good maintenance can extend the life of the article, here, paint door small series, to introduce the daily life of paint door maintenance skills:           1, scratch: paint door surface film thickness is about 0.3mm, in the use of the process should avoid sharp things struck the surface of the door panel;          

    2, acid and alkali resistant paint: acid and alkali resistance is poor, the use should be avoided during the acid and alkaline substances contact surface to avoid corrosion paint door, the door of the film, if in the use of the process will not be soy sauce and vinegar sprinkled on the surface of the door panel should be timely with a clean cotton cloth dipped a little water to wipe;          

    3, crash: paint door should avoid collision door during use, high quality paint door film hardness is about 2H, which is the weight of 10 kilograms is hit on the surface of the door panel, the door may appear pit, film does not appear large area off the door;          

    4, anti high temperature, sunlight: paint door film will change due to high temperature, so you should avoid direct sunlight in the process of using the door          

    5, cleaning: in daily use, it is difficult to avoid the kitchen fumes, when the door surface fume, grease, available detergent wipe, detergent water: =1:10 clean cotton cloth.

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