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techniques for installing......

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Time:2017/6/28 0:00:00

    We found that there are many customers in the installation of paint door time, spent unnecessary mental and manpower, of course, the correct installation of paint door is to protect its durability key. In view of this problem, we are specializing in the production of paint door manufacturers, it is necessary to share the paint door installation skills to the vast numbers of users.          

    In paint the door before installation, to detect its various components of a full range of. At the same time to pay attention to all parts of the observation wood paint doors are complete, at the same time to make accurate measurements to paint the door and door. In the process of installation, as far as possible to avoid light, prevent paint shop door after exposure to deformation and cracking. At the same time to protect the indoor dry ventilation, otherwise it may lead to paint door damp. Acceptance of the installation of solid wood paint door, according to each point on the contract for comparison.

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